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WZ - Niciarniana Łódź

  1. Offer number: 2967
  2. Rent
  3. 316 m2
  4. W 25,00 PLN + Charges (See financial terms)
Objects included in the offer:
Bardzo ładne, klimatyzowane biuro. Biuro jest klimatyzowane oraz wyposażone w podłogę techniczną. Przed budynkiem parking. Przy wejściu do biurowca znajduje się recepcja. Budynek dodatkowo oferuje parking dla rowerzystów oraz prysznic.
Objects included in the offer:
Office premises:
316 m2, I p/2 storey,
Possibility of using in current state:
Area 316m2
Condignation I p
Building 2 storey
The distribution of surface
Access Elevator for people, Premises available 24h, Reception, Bodyguard, Parking lot,
IT Local network, Raised floor, Both sides supply, Internet,
Standard Air conditioning,
Transaction type: Rent
Rent price: 25,00 PLN
Additional costs: Cost type Amount Type of settlemnt
maintenance costs 15,00 PLN Per square meter
prąd PLN on the basis of the meter
parking costs PLN the parking lot
Transaction terms: Way of a transaction: after agreeing on the terms of the offering
Transaction may be concluded: any date
Transfer object: any date

The data presented do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code and are for information only

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